Hello, my name is Kevin Bennett.  I have been a nature  
photographer for over 40 years.  The images you see
are what the camera captured.  The only image
manipulations are cropping, and tonal adjustments, the
same as has been done in the darkroom since the
beginning of photography.  The images offered for sale  
and displayed on my web site were mostly captured from a kayak and typically
within an easy daytrip from my home in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Weather
permitting, I kayak several times a week in the early morning on my way home after
working overnight as a paramedic.  
My kayak serves as a moving blind; perhaps my
paddle is seen as a pair of wings.  Sitting low in
my bright yellow kayak with hips just below the
waterline, seen more as a curiosity than a human,
I am eye level to small wading birds, turtles and
mammals.  As well as looking up to herons, egrets
and deer.  With each patient, stealthy, and
respectful visit I make to their homes, the critters reveal progressively more intimate
details of their daily lives.  Kayak photography has unique challenges.  For instance,
without making threatening movements, I must keep the horizon straight as the
kayak pitches and rolls and simultaneously control the kayak's drift in current and
wind to maintain an acceptable distance from these fascinating creatures.
I capture these vignettes and share them with you as
true expressions of my art and passion for the natural
realm.  Come back to BennettsVignettes.com soon to
celebrate nature’s beauty through my gallery of art and
explore some of my favorite environmental, photography
and destination web links.   
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